SET: Screen Educate Train: A new waitlist program

Screen and Educate

To begin with, parents and the child will meet the SET team: an educator and a social worker.  The Screening and Education part of SET will take place at this time.  The social worker will meet with the parents to gather information to write the Needs Assessment and Intervention Plan (NAIP).  At the same time, the educator will run a Child Observational Scale (COS) which is a series of scenarios that help to determine the child’s level of functioning and their needs in each of the spheres of development; Communication, Self-Help, Social Skills, Cognition, Motor, and Play and Leisure.  The educator and social worker will give recommendations based on the information gathered. 

Parents/child are given:

  1. Recommendations that they can implement immediately and/or how to implement them and what they will need to prepare to be able to do so.
  2. An educational package that consists of:  information on Autism Spectrum Disorder, common problems and/or issues that parents are faced with and ideas on how to approach each issue.
  3. A target behaviour and/or learning goal is identified and is to be used during the parent training.

Within the month following, the parents/child will receive a written report on the results of the COS which will also include a list of recommendations based on both reports (COS & NAIP).


The follow-up to these sessions is the Parent Training which is composed of 10 weekly sessions of 2 hours.  During these sessions the parents will learn how to analyse a behaviour, develop a plan, intervene and maintain the targeted behaviour or learning goal.  

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