Specialized Services

Our overarching goal is to treat and support children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders, and help them reach their full potential as individuals. To this end, we support their integration into the community, we facilitate their social interactions and we work to improve the quality of their lives. We do this by providing readaptation, residential, vocational integration and community integration services, as well as specialised educational assistance for clients, families and significant others. 

Miriam Home and Services is a “second line health service,” which means that we support those individuals referred by a CLSC, who have a diagnosis of any of the disorders described below. We offer specialised services that include programs and activities tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. These services are provided by highly-trained, accredited professionals and specialists from a range of backgrounds. Should further “ultra-specialised” services be required, we can access them through other organisations.

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