Clinical Consultation Model (CCM) (0-18 YEARS OLD)

Following and possibly before the Parent Training is completely finished, the parent/child will be called for the adapt/readapt services.   These services are usually provided by a Specialized Educator using the Clinical Consultation Model. This model is based on a 52 week cycle of service which is comprised of five phases of service delivery. 

Phase 1: Problem identification (week 1)

  • One or two objectives are identified.

Phase 2: Problem Analysis (weeks 2-5)

  • The specialized educator will observe the child and gather data/information.  They may ask the parent to record instances of the occurrence or lack of occurrence of the targeted behaviour.  

Phase 3: Treatment

  • Two one hours sessions per week for:
    • 24 weeks for the preschool children
    • 12 weeks for the school age children

Phase 4: Generalization (weeks 18-24 for school age only)

  • Phases 3 & 4 are combined in the Preschool model

Phase 5: Treatment evaluations (weeks 25 – 52)

Parents are important agents of change with their children; they are teachers, leaders, supporters, comforters and caregivers in their role as parents. 

In this model of service delivery parents play a crucial role in teaching and helping their children maintain the new skills and/or behaviours they have acquired. 

At the end of the 52 weeks, parents/child will receive:

  • A discharge report
  • A reapplication form – parents/child may reapply directly to the CRDI within the first 6 months of finishing the 52 week cycle of service.  After this period of time they must return to their CLSC to apply.

An important note:

Children 14 years of age and older are considered apt and able to make their own decisions unless otherwise determined.

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