Community Integration Programs for Adults (21 years and older)

Miriam Home and offers adults with an intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder, structured programming to enhance social skills and promote community integration and awareness.

In groups of 5 to 15 clients, participants engage in individual and group activities in a quiet, community-based environment adjusted to their needs. Staffed and supervised by a team of specialized educators who implement clinical systems, the program helps our clients build and maintain self-esteem and autonomy, develop new interests and maintain and increase language and motor skills.  Daily activities include motor exercises, baking, board games, outings in the community, as well as activities of daily care. The program is located at our head office at the Lori Black Community Centre in the Town of Mount Royal.

Situated in 7 other locations in the community, other day programs enables adults with an intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder to benefit from social and community resources that surround them in order to support and enhance the cognitive, social, language, and motor abilities of participants.

Supervised by specialized educators who are backed by a team of clinical specialists, clients aged 21 years and older take part in structures activities in a small group of their peers, varying in size from 3 to 15 participants.  Daily activities such as community outings, dance or art projects all encourage group participation and involvement, independence and autonomy, and the development of community awareness.

The program is spread over several sites in the community, including local community and educational organizations.

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