Learning to Learn Centre: IBI services (0-5 years old)

Learning to Learn is the Miriam Home’s intensive behavioural intervention (IBI) that is offered to children with autism spectrum disorders up to the age of 6 years old.  IBI is the intensive application of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) specifically for young children with autism, and Learning to Learn offers this 1:1 service, 20 hours a week for each child, out of our specially-designed centre located within the Lori Black Community Centre.  

Services are offered in either French or English, and the focus of the program is to improve the overall skill sets of the child through the selection of goals based on ongoing, individualized assessments of strengths and needs, and parent input.  Systematic work is also done with community partners in order to ensure the transfer of these skills into other environments (such as home, school, or daycare). 

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