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Happy third birthday, OROT!

OROT has come a long way since it took the spotlight in 2020 as the Connected Health Innovation Hub of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.

As one of the first initiatives of its kind in a healthcare setting in Quebec, OROT has been strengthening the CIUSSS’s culture of innovation, while revolutionizing the way medical and healthcare technologies are developed to improve care.

Under OROT’s supervision, healthcare professionals meet with users and private-sector entrepreneurs to closely examine particular needs or problems, and then develop practical solutions that often involve digital technology.

Together, they co-develop prototypes, accelerate the commercialization of products and, ultimately, integrate new items or practices into daily activities at the appropriate CIUSSS sites.

As a result, OROT has become essential to Care Everywhere, the CIUSSS’s strategy for achieving the right outcomes by delivering the right care at the right time in the location that’s most appropriate, safest and most convenient for users. No wonder OROT is considered the anchor of the CIUSSS’s Digital Health program.

OROT has also made a significant impact by nurturing a culture of innovation through the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, and by sharing best practices. In its three years, OROT has:

  • Developed an innovation pathway
  • Mobilized a network of experts
  • Established a system of governance and acquired start-up funds
  • Designed a logo, launched a website and recruited a team
  • Designed the future OROT Innovation Lab
  • Mobilized more than 50 partners in nearly 20 projects at various stages of development

To celebrate OROT’s rapid evolution, its  website has been relaunched, with more information for external partners. Included are details about OROT’s incubation program, the CIUSSS’s needs and priorities, OROT’s offer of service, and how to submit project ideas and proposals.

A very happy birthday and continued success to OROT and its team.

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